Dirty Old Men “Fear And Loathing In The Catskills” Tour

We’ll be taking a summer hiatus for the month of August for a live performance tour, appearing throughout August at Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club - two shows daily in the parking lot!  We’ll be back in September with new fresh and compelling episodes, but in the meantime, follow our “Fear And Loathing In The Catskills Tour” from our Twitter feeds.

Join Us There!  Appearing throughout August - two shows daily, Sunday through Thursdays.

Our first choice of venue, the Homowack Lodge in Phillipsport, NY was sadly converted into a summer camp for Hassidic girls.
Officials of the N.Y. State Department of Health ordered the property evacuated, citing health and safety violations.
UPDATE June 27, 2-15: Simon and Colin joined the French foreign legion and never came back to produce new episodes. Do check out the next generation inside adult show at mindbrowse.com though!

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