Live Now! Episode #7 with Kate Darling

This is definitely one of my favourite episodes of the show, as Kate Darling is an absolute…darling to talk to! Yeah, I went there – deal with it. She is an absolutely brilliant lady that is looking into one of the biggest struggles that is currently facing the business end of the adult industry. She’s taking an honest non-bias look at the reality of the situation in this industry, and as an industry that usually has a magnifying glass on all the wrong things, it’s nice to have someone be interested in something other than the moral controversy. Please leave some comment and tweet at us to let us know what you think about the episode!

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Twitter: @Grok_

Kate Darling is an IP Research Specialist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and a Ph.D. candidate in Intellectual Property and Law & Economics. After graduating from law school in Switzerland, she went on to pursue her passion for innovation policy. Her work focuses on economic issues in copyright and patent systems. She also writes and lectures about robot ethics.

Kate recently delved into in the adult industry and talked to a bunch of content producers to answer the following question:
Common lore tells us that porn drives technology. From the paperback book to home cinema to online payment systems, the adult industry has influenced new media adoption and pioneered technological innovation. True to the song “The Internet is for Porn”, our new architecture for distributing information has caused an explosion of adult content online. But in an era of digital files and content aggregators, how is this socially stigmatized industry dealing with copyright protection issues?

A first draft of the resulting paper will be online in August. Feel free to contact her with questions/comments!

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