Live Now! Episode #5 – Ryan Browning & Dr. Jessica of CalExotics!

In this episode we had a wonderful conversation about the history of sex, and how it evolved through various civilizations – and in general how widely accepted it was, as opposed to being oppressed. We then learned a lot about their CalExotics pleasure products everything from some amazing facts about their past right up until the present! Very entertaining video with two experienced sexperts who are as charming as they are handsome!

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You may know Ryan and Dr. Jessica from their affiliation with California Exotic Novelties, but there is much more to their story and expertise. They are a unique couple who has been helping singles and couples develop and maintain satisfying romantic relationships for over 10 years.

Their shared passion for helping people have better relationships, combined with their unique pairing as a Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist, has led to the creation of an innovative approach to dating and relationships.  Based on their extensive work with couples, they offer great feedback to women and men during the dating process so they can avoid the mistakes they have made in the past and find a great match.  Ryan and Dr. Jessica are also authors of a bestselling dating and relationship book: Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Meet Him (available on and other major retailers).

So, how did a nice married couple with two young children end up spending their days talking to people about their love lives and working with the largest adult toy manufacturer in the United States? Well, it all started with these two friends from graduate school, who had a shared vision of helping people find love.  They had both been drawn to study sex therapy and understood the importance of teaching people about dating and intimacy.  In a very unexpected turn of events, these two business partners started dating, and well, the rest is history.  Ryan and Dr. Jessica like to say that they are their favorite testimonial and proof that their approach to dating and relationships really works.

As a real couple, facing all of the challenges of balancing work and a romantic relationship, they bring a fun and relevant perspective to dating, relationships and intimacy that is easy  for others to relate to.  While many so called experts lack credentials and gain popularity in spite of saying one thing and doing quite the contrary, Ryan and Dr. Jessica are legitimate credentialed experts, who actually practice what they preach.  Their ability to connect with an audience has made them sought-after speakers, who are frequently featured in videos about intimacy and sexual health.  They stay current with dating and relationship news and trends and regularly offer their comments about dating, sex and relationships online, on the radio and in popular magazines and newspapers.

In addition to coaching, clinical work, seminars, research and writing, Ryan and Dr. Jessica are the proud parents of two beautiful children.   They make sure to make time for the things they love: spending time with their family, philanthropy, wine tasting, swimming, golfing, riding motorcycles, playing tennis and doing just about anything outdoors.

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