About Us

Co-host: Colin – CEO/Founder Wasteland.com


Co-host: Simon – CEO EDS Entertainment


What is Dirtyoldmen.TV?

We wanted to start a show in which we, as adult industry professionals can talk about what we spend so much of our time and passion on – we want to target this show towards both our peers in the industry but also to the general consumer crowd. We will be bringing on amazing guests every single week that we will basically just have cool, casual conversations about recent news, hot topics, some great hilarious stories and all-in-all be a thoroughly entertaining weekly show.

Colin is an industry legend, having pioneered the online adult enterainment industry in 1994 and staying as a figurehead of the community ever since. He will charm the socks off of you, and then back it up with some of the most insightful knowledge you’ll find just about anywhere in this business, and then for the K.O. he’ll crack you up with some hilarious story or other. Simon entered the adult industry about 5 years ago and carved out a successful small business. He met Colin about a year into his career and they kicked off a brilliant business partnership, which then blossomed into a great friendship and ultimately involved into more of a family than anything, as friendships are great everywhere and that’s why you should make friends at sites like https://chatempanada.com.

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